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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 4, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> still smoldering. massive fire burning in san francisco mission district burned for hours. gutting a building and shutting down streets. >> right now firefighters are dousing the ember making sure it doesn't flare back up. >> good evening. >> the fire tore through a store at 22 and mission this afternoon. black smoke and flames shot out of the roof. more than 130 firefighters were called in to battle the infern oychlt one of the firefighters seen here taken away on a stretcher after suffering from smoke inhalation was hospitalized along with two civilian. one other firefighters was treated at the scene. fvl we are live tonight in san francisco with the very latest on this. >> at the time bulk of the fire is out but firefighters will stay her throughout the night watching the building dousing it with water and making sure
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no other flare-ups. >> l i have a cat nobody else 30's i have to get home but they are floating me in. >>reporter: over and over again police told frustrated residents they were not allowed to go home. area around big house ink on san francisco mission street was off limits for hours. fire at the building started around 1:00 o'clock. it quickly took off growing into a 5 alarm fire. wind blowing thick dark smoke through the neighborhood. >> all damage everything in the smoke too much in the store. can't stand inside. >>reporter: many neighboring businesses closed up. too much smoke getting through the door doors. >> if at that point we basically tried to clean the shop. pulled the if you were tour in. locked up. >>reporter: some residents were told to leave. others self evacuated grabbing what thumbs they could. >> i stayed as long as i could gathering essential things my pet my cat.
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>>reporter: meanwhile firefighters set autopsy collapse zone. big house inc. filled with merchandise top story for storage. >> i have been in that place before. i always hi to kind of squeeze myself through to walk through the place. >>reporter: large pile of charred debris sits on the street outside the destroyed business. bulk of the fire is out but crew spent the evening dousing the building in case of any flare up or hot spot. red cross volunteers on site. so is the salvation army mobile kitchen. volunteers will continue cooking for first responders through the night. firefighters are being very careful not to go inside because of the risk of collapse. you can see them doing a lot of work outside. here's is what happening in the neighborhood right now. 22 to 23 is still closed off to traffic along mission street except for emergency vehicle and muni buses. northeast side of the street back open. people can go home but this side of the street where the fire happened still off limits. this is abc 7 news. >> thank you.
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firefighters had trouble fighting the fair because of all the merchandise you saw in the store. inspectors had been called out twice because of complaints the store was too over crowded. >> we did come out in 09 to direct them to widen one of the path way to the rear exit. they complied. and it was handled. then in 2013 we got another complaint. >>reporter: no violation was found in the second inspection. you can see in this google street view picture just how cluttered the front of that store normally was. this of course before the devastating fire today. we have tipping coverage on air and on line our reporting on the fire continues now on twitter at this web sit site. >> 2 east bay teenagers still in the hospital tonight after they ate cookies with marijuana in them at school. student passed out in this biology class ramp in richmond this afternoon. as the student was being load nude an ambulance another student came to the office with the same symptoms and the school called another
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ambulance. both were unconscious when they were taken to the hospital. 3 other kids who ate the cookies got sick and told police senior sold them the cookies. >> we started investigating who had the cookies. most of the students came and said exactly what was going on. right that have we got the name. made an arrest. >> tragic because the student is a senior and you wouldn't think this in the senior year this is the way she would want to go out and be remembered. >>reporter: now the school and district must decide whether or not to expel the senior who sold thoughts cookies. >> comedy fans are mourning at the time death of joan rivers tonight. she died after spending a week on life support in new york hospital. her daughter melissa said her mother was surrounded by family and friends. earlier today new york state health officials opened an investigation into the clinic where rivers went in cardiac arrest during an outpatient procedure. the sharp witted heed was the first woman to break into the male
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dominated world of late night comedy if show and she was still working full-time heading up 2 entertainment show and tonight she's remembered here in the bay area. police where she defendant left her mark. allen spoke to comedian whose knew her and fans who adored her. >> joan rivers broke in comedy in the early 60's and performed in san francisco comedy club like the hungry oon eye and pirm onion paving the way for female comedian like debbie. >> i grew up watching people like her and phil is diller and joan was so smart and brave. >> she gave me a boost. women cap do it. she's as good as any guy out 30. >> never performed here but like many comedians she came to the this theatre in mill valley to check out the talent. >> mark says rivers got away weather politically incorrect. >> she would be controversial.
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i saw her live once where people would boo her like a controversial remark and that's where she came one the phrase oh, grow up. >>reporter: jerrold interviewed rivers for his book seriously funny. >> she acted like she just made it 40 years after she had made it. she was always afraid of it was going to end. going to pull the rug out from under. >> like a female don rickles. >> she was one of the last performing comedian of her generation. alan, 7 news. >> and if we are preparing special edition of 2020. joan rivers living for the laugh. you can see it here on abc 7 tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. we also have a joan rivers photo gallery on our web site. 70-year-old man remains in critical conspire tonight after he was attacked at hayward park on sunday. police say the attacker punched him then walked back to the party in kennedy park. witness say the group ignored the victim and kept playing horseshoes. victim wife found him an hour
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later. according to police the victim was talking to woman before her husband hit him. no arrest have been made. >> one time gloves off face off took place tonight in sacramento between jerry brown and republican challenger neal cash car in the governor race. the debate touched on job immigration the economy but wasn't without a few zinger. lisa is live in sacramento with the story. lisa pretty lively debate. >>reporter: very lively. debate ended here at the senator hotel few hours ago and definitely not boring. right out of the gate neal came out with the jab but the governor got a few good swing ins himself. as soon as the bell rang the gloves came off. >> you should be ashamed of yourself governor. i'll fight for the kids and. >> that make no, sir sense at all. that is so full. >> back and forth the criticism like a 10 the is in match. >> we need to move open.
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>> tomorrow chance for voters to hear the candidate debate before the november election. governor brown is running against republican and former u.s. treasury official neal cash cary used to work on wall street and wants to build up the middle class to help the economy. >> as son of immigrant from middle class back room my dad wasn't governor. >> work for goldman sachs and the rest of the people who wrecked the economy. leak the arsonist putting out the fireworks you pwaild bailed them out. >>reporter: neal supporters gathered outside the debate venue. they are overshadowed by the latest field poll numbers which show brown approval rating at 58 percent. brown reaffirmed the support for the high speed rail project and hinted he will sign state wide classic bag ban. neal promises to fix education. first ballot will be mailed out to voters in 3 weeks. in sacramento, sl abc 7 news.
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>> more to co-you may be wast wasting water and not even know it. next, michael takes a look at new device to detect leak in the bay area. does it really work? >> plus ride service rising. uber big move by the car company. >> goodwill gives back. why the charity track down south bay man. >> if fog will start off the morning tomorrow but we have a changing forecast for the weekend. details on that first here's jimmy kimmel. >> here's a quick preview of what we are up to tonight. do you think your dad likes him better than he likes me. >> yes. >> really what makes you think that. did he specifically say that. >> because he turned to me and sa
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. >> unsuspecting homeowner wasting hundreds of dollars each year on water leaking in the toilet and other places in their homes. >> 7 on your side michael finney tips tonight on how to detest the leak before the savings and precious water go down the drain. >>reporter: david of east bay mud and ron are on a mission. they want to figure out why his water bill is so high. suspicion is mounting that the danville resident has a leak. >> i didn't know i had a leak. the but dave sent me an e-mail saying he suspect there had was a leak. >>reporter: this is based on water use pattern highlight entered this chart. ron is one of 4000 homeowner in the danville area participating in
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an east bay mud experiment with the water smart home. radio device relay water use information back to east bay mud in this case the chart show ron is using water 24 hours a day even when everyone is asleep. >> the important. i don't want to west water. >>reporter: at the paid him a personal visit to investigate. he's a civil engineer but you might call him a water detective. he later check the meter after ron shut off the water to the house. >> as we look at the water meter we can see a little triangle and circle white triangle slowly turning. >>reporter: that triangle should not be turning when the water has been turned off. he knows there's a leak but where? suspect no. 1 is the garden irrigation system. >> i look for the lowest spot in the garden to see if there's water come out of it. >>reporter: this puddle is more evidence that ron has water leak. these valve are
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supposed to open and close when you water your garden. when they get old they can stay open causing washington tots run all day. next we go inside the home. to suspect no. 2. the toilet. he drops a blue dye tablet in the toilet tank only take a minute for the water to leak into the toilet bowl. >> water is leaking from the tank to the bowl even though we haven't flushed. >>reporter: this home inspection is free to the all east bay mud customers. most other water district have similar services. you can also get a free kit to do the inspections yourself. >> in there we include dye tab for the to. also step by step instructions for checking your meter. >>reporter: ron is happy he got his inspection by fixing his leaky will save both mots money and water in the drought. >> this could be if many thousands of dollars because it had been going on for conspire el of years, we have a link to
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more information about how you can get your leak detection kit and how to detect a water leak on our web site at abc 7 just click on the section tab at the top of the home page. if 7 on your side. >> the good information. uber is expanding again just most after the car service app company moved to san francisco mid market neighborhood the company has plans for new headquarters. uber will develop lapped on third street in mission bay. facility will be near the planned golden state warrior stadium. >> goodwill store did its own giving this summer. 7500 dollars in cash was found in the pocket of a jacket donateed to its san jose store. luckily the money was in an envelope with the last name and partial bank account number. the donor was track down and the money returned. grateful family even made a 1500 dollar donation to thank goodwill. >> that's what you call a win-win. >> certainly is. >> so is the weather by the way
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nice outside. >> quite nice. zappedia has the if update. >> absolutely come today. we had mild to warm conditions and i tell you what. since it's so nice we keep it coming for your last day of the work week live doppler 7hd showing you the low clouds and fog pushing into the north bay. usual spots in the east bay as well. pretty socked in along the coast line here as we look at view from the exploratory many camera lacking to san francisco. low clouds there. temperatures in the low 60's for san francisco oakland san carlos san jose drop down to the 50's in gilroy and a half moon bay. view from the emeryville camera says it all. over cast sky. upper 50's santa rosa novato. low 60's concord and livermore and here's one last view from our kgo camera. show you the little bit of a breeze that we have as we look towards the exploratorium. low clouds fog in. we look at mailed warm conditions for your upcoming weekend. quick update from the climate prediction center. every month update near the equator month ago this is what
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it lacked like. we look carefully here we did see a little bit of warming near the equator in the pacific so this week we have seen ocean temperature come up a little bit. weak el nino conspiracy are expected this fall and winter. don't equate it to heavy rain fall just because we have a weak el nino doesn't mean we automatically get heavy rain and snow. impact on california drought remains uncertain and we really have to look at the intensity of these el nino before we make the judgment call so we'll keep you posted on that. here's one area we are watching hurricane nor bert lashing out at parts of cabo san lieu cast. hurricane category one and expected to continue to parallel the coast dumping heavy rain against baja california. san diego county to get some of the rain but will weaken and it is expected to kick up the swell. that's why high surf advisory for lots
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appearing and ventura county coast that will continue until monday morning dangerous swimming conditions. risk of rip currents. it's a beach hazard statement for san diego county beaches. so if you are traveling just keep that in mind over the upcoming weekend. tomorrow morning starting out with the fog low cloud low 50's to low 60's. could be hard to see at times and may be mist and drizzle. low 90's like today. mid upper 60's here along the coast. fog lingers. we debit up into the 70's right around the basement accu-weather 7 day forecast feature heat that's the change on saturday. 94 than land 68 the coast drop you down slowly by few degrees into next week but minor flux asian are expected in our temperatures. >> all right thank you sandhya. >> well abc 7 new daytime line up begins on monday. actor terri cruz hosts who wants to be a millionaire at 1:00 p.m. then jeopardy at 1:30. >> general hospital moves toyts new time at 2:00 p.m. followed
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by the premier of rachel ray at 3:00 o'clock. >> 3:00 o'clock tomorrow she's here at the station. >> exciting. >> i have been told even to be on best behavior. won't just scare her, with authority fight don't show up angry. >> she's not use to that. limp should stay away. seahawks all about the action. they were tonight. nfl kick off new season and seahawks connect tonight. nfl kick off new season and seahawks connect some you know. sports is next. understands count these days.hey have lotf thou to savehey have lots of ways for you to save. real big club card deals, the safeway app and gas rewards. school is in and so are the savings. pretty lady green grapes are just $1.99 a pound. kids love kraft mac & cheese. you'll love that it's 79¢ a box. and grab capri sun for just $1.88.
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i. >> 49ers were hoping the seahawks might have some sort of post superbowl hang over, no such luck. nfl season kick off tonight with seattle looking every bit the champion. dismantling the green bay
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packers. festivities began with the seahawks unveiling the super bowl banner. they were down in the second quarter. wilson play fake and riccardo found. 33 yard 10-7 seahawks. wilson throws for 191 yards. 2 td. former raider miller one handed grab. fantastic. that set up oakland own lynch. ran for 110 yards and 2 td. all about the action boss. seahawks roll 36-16. >> we want to mix it up. have a balanced attack and do different things so we want to hand the ball to lynch and robert and then obviously be effective in the pasting game as well. our gel is to have that balance 50-50 and we definitely do that. >> 49ers open the season sunday in dallas. michael crabtree hometown. crab nurse ago calf injury. did practice today though. now to the cowboy. they had a horrible defense last year. might possibly be
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worse this year. fv that's even conceivable. a lot ofger. perfect chance for the niner offense to get on track. kaepernick not expecting an easy weapon. >> physical in nature. play fast and play hard. last year doesn't mean anything when you start a new season so l they have new defense. the revamp defense. >> tremendous match at u.s. open tonight. roger in big trouble. down 2 sets to none. you know though hard to close trouble. down 2 sets to none. you know though hard to close down club fed. next
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>> roger federer shows why he's
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won more than anyone in histor history. down in the u.s. open tonight. defeat inevitable. duck dynasty in the house. look like ed is gone because if he was run all over new york city. upset in the making. hold on a second. federer came back to take the next 2 sets. the trying the drop shot. slammed it down. fed crushed it. he fought off 2 match points in the fourth set. finishes the come back in the decisive fifth. 6-2 in the fifth. fed moves on to the semifinal and if on to the next round. giants a's day off. play off started today the a's and tigers would meet in the wild card play off. yikes. tiger with indian this decide entered extra. bases loaded single score. next batter martinez. the 3 run bomb down the line. tigers win 11-4 and
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set for 3 game series against the giants. in motown that should be interesting with the giants whichlt a comeback e.yes. federer incredible. thanks very much.
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>> here's the wake up weather. get going tomorrow morning wake up to low clouds and fog light winds temperatures 50's, 60's. mate need to bundle up when you leaf home. now back to you. >> thanks sandhya. >> that's our report we appreciate your time. >> abc 7 news continues now on line twitter facebook and all the mobile device with our abc 7 news app. next newscast at 4:30 tomorrow morning. >> but rate now on jimmy kimmel comedian vera silverman. >> but rate now on jimmy kimmel comedian vera silverman. >> have a great night everyone.
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from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- sarah silverman. taraji p. henson. mean tweets nfl edition. and music from hunter hayes. with cleto and the cletones. and now, if it's all right with you, here's jimmy kimmel. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's very nice. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] i appreciate that. welcome. i'm jimmy. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. i cherish you.


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